Photo Meliggoi is happy to announce the second edition of its residency. The program offers the opportunity to 1 photographer to spend, during July 2018, 20 days in Meliggoi, Greece. The selected artist will have to create a body of work in response to the cultural context of Meliggoi village and Dodoni province. The residency is also supported by Photometria International Photography Festival in Ioannina and the produced body of work will be displayed during the next year edition (2019) of the festival.  There is  No  Entry  Fee  for the application process. 

Entry Details

The deadline for submitting your application is midnight on April 30, 2018. Submissions considered for the residency program may come from all form of photography with no restrictions in terms of techniques or approaches. We are looking for proposal project that showing an interest in producing a body of work that has strong relevance to the place and wants to challenge the representation of the area. 

What the Artist  Receive

The chosen artist will receive free food, accommodation and a studio in the village of Meliggoi, Greece. The artist will be also granted the sum of  500 €. The artist can choose how to spend this sum independently taking into account that during the application process he/she will have to indicate where this money will be spent on. Photometria will be in charge of producing an exhibition, with the work realised during this residency program, for the next edition (2019) of their festival.

About Meliggoi Area

Aristotle considered the region around Dodona to have been part of Hellas and the region where the Hellenes originated. Meliggoi is a village on the slopes of Mount Tomaros rising to the south of the archaeological site of Dodona, at the end of Dodona valley.

Project Proposal 
No more than 600 words, where the artist shows his/her interest in producing a work inspired by the cultural and historical background of the area.
A selection, up to 15 images, from the latest work of the artist.
Costs Breakdown  
To see where the 500€ will be spent.
No more than 1 pages.
Entrance Fee
No Entrance Fee.
14 March 2018
Call for Entries  Start

30 April 2018, 11:59 p.m. UTC+2

Submission Deadline


14 May 2018

Winner Notification


9 July 2018

Residency Start


29 July 2018

Residency Ends


How To Apply

Application to  Photo Meliggoi  is open to all artists using photography in their practice, without any distinction of age or nationality. Applications must be submitted by 30 April 2018, 23.59 UTC+2  to photomeliggoi@gmail.com

via wetrasfer.


The application must consist of a single pdf file not exceeding 20 MB 

including the following:


Project  Proposal here the artists are invited to describe the kind of work to be realised during the residency program, remember we are looking for ideas that put a strong emphasis on the area. No more than 600 words. 

Portfolio   15-20 images from a single body of work, single images will not be taken into consideration for this entry.

Costs   Breakdown we leave the winner free to choose how to spend the 500€ of the prize, we still encourage to show us clearly how this money will be invest. 

Artistic CV please send no more than 1 page.

All Text should be in English.


The Jury

Achilleas Tziakos 

Achilleas Tziakos is founding member of Photometria International Photo Festival and he is also part of the TedX team in Ioannina. Back in the days, while in Athens, studying at School of informatics, he was working as photographer assistant for Akis Safaris PhotoStudio. In 1994 he moved back to his hometown, Ioannina, where he founded Metro radio station. At the same time, he has been working as publisher and photo editor for local magazines and newspapers.


Void is a project fully dedicated to photography. Found in 2016, Void is an independent publisher, an alternative exhibition space, and also an educational space for photography in the heart of Athens. Void is a non-profit organization, and its goal is to publish established and up-coming artists both from Greece and abroad, as well as invest funding on education projects in Greece.

Tommaso Parrillo

Tommaso Parrillo is founder of Witty Kiwi, a publishing house founded in 2012 with the aim to promote photography within the contemporary industry. Since 2016 he is also co-founder of JEST, an independent space and library dedicated to enhance culture and photography in the vibrant scene of Turin.


Meliggoi Area

Meliggoi rises on the slopes of Mount Tomaros (1974m), it is a quite and cosy village of 100 inhabitants during the winter, that reaches 250 people during the summer, it is 25 km far from Ioannina, the regional capital and largest city of Epirus. The core of the village is the square in front of the main church which has been built on the ruins of an old monastery, next to the square rises the old school building, nowadays head office for the Meliggoi Association, founder institution of this residency. The same building gives a home to the Folk Art and Tradition Museum of Meliggoi which collect and display the heritage of the village from the last century. 


Many are the points of interest near the village, the majority of them are archaeological sites, notable are in fact the Dodona theatre and its oracle, Ioannina acropolis, the ancient ruins of Nikopolis and Souli village. The province of Dodona is also rich in natural beauties such as the Acheron's springs in Gliky and Zotiko, the national park of Tzoumerka, and ZagorochoriaIt is quite easy to get in Meliggoi with various means of transport and we will be happy to help you find the best option for getting here.


Past Winner

Antonina Gugala

Histories  - Greece, 2017


The precarious landscape of a crisis-affected area is like a sea which dried out. In the process, it uncovered tree roots, shipwrecks and dusty sand - the foundations of it all. This series depicts material manifestations of a specific state of mind. One that comes into being at the time between a crisis and the outbreak of the revolution that follows. I collected images of anonymous compositions of everyday objects, reminiscent of readymades. What fascinates me in these careful constructions is the tension between their temporary and permanent qualities. I am attracted to their dual character, both their vulnerability and perseverance.



Meliggoi Residency Program is founded by the Meliggoi Association


Plateia, 455 00 Meliggoi

Dodoni Greece


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